May 25, 2022

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DC Claims Batman Are unable to Go Down On Catwoman Given that ‘Heroes Don’t Do That’

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Far too bad The Rock isn’t the CEO of DC Comics.

On Monday, Twitter was aroused by very the juicy tidbit buried in a Variety piece about a well-liked superhero collection.

Seemingly, Batman absolutely cannot complete oral sex on Catwoman in the DC Entertainment-HBO Max adult animated series “Harley Quinn.”

Justin Halpern, a co-creator and executive producer of the extremely graphic collection, advised the journal:

In this third season of ‘Harley’ we experienced a moment in which Batman was likely down on Catwoman. And DC was like, ‘You just can’t do that. You definitely are not able to do that.’ They’re like, ‘Heroes never do that.’ So, we stated, ‘Are you declaring heroes are just egocentric fans?’ They ended up like, ‘No, it is that we promote purchaser toys for heroes. It’s tough to offer a toy if Batman is also likely down on another person.’

Though DC may want to take into account marketing a different kind of toy if Batman proves to be these a staunch supporter of female satisfaction, Halpern and his co-creator Patrick Schumacker also told Variety that DC has been quite supportive of their show’s penchant for pushing the envelope.

Fortunately, Twitter buyers were being up for making jokes about DC not seeking Batman likely down. Browse some of the most effective below:

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