May 23, 2022

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Did US Women’s Soccer Group Change Backs on Vet Taking part in National Anthem?

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On July 5, 2021, the U.S. women’s soccer workforce defeated Mexico 4- in their last match prior to the Olympic Game titles. When quite a few cheered America’s accomplishment, conservative commentators started to share a online video together with the declare that the staff experienced “disrespected” the 98-year-old Globe War II veteran, Pete DuPré, who executed the national anthem on his harmonica. 

The controversy was a little bit unclear from the start off. Dinesh D’Souza, for occasion, claimed that the gamers had turned their backs on the veteran for the duration of the functionality. Richard Grenell, former acting director of U.S. countrywide intelligence, claimed that they turned their back on the flag. 

The two of these messages (as well as the posts, films, and additional tweets pushing this assert) mischaracterized the steps of the U.S. women’s soccer team. 

Whilst the online video (down below) does surface to show some awkward positioning (some gamers had been dealing with forward whilst some ended up struggling with to the side), this was not a protest or a gesture of disrespect from the flag or the veteran. When DuPré started his effectiveness, some players opted to facial area him, when other individuals turned to confront an American flag at the end of the stadium. 

When you view the video under, pay interest to the course the audience users were being dealing with behind DuPré . Lots of of them were being angled absent from the harmonica-enjoying veteran and towards a flag at the finish of the stadium. This is the similar way that the players ended up facing. As the flag is a little bit tough to see in the movie (because it is only proven at the much-conclude of the field), here’s a photograph from sporting activities reporter Jeff Kassouf that demonstrates the area of the flag for reference:

Here’s a online video of DuPré’s functionality of the Nationwide Anthem from ESPN:

Several of the individuals saying that the U.S. crew “disrespected” this veteran or the flag observed that the Mexican crew was dealing with forward. It’s well worth noting that the customers of Mexico’s soccer crew were being facing their flag (in the exact route as the U.S. players) when the national anthem of Mexico was played. 

The claim that the U.S. Soccer crew disrespected this veteran is also contradicted by the truth that the players signed a ball for DuPré immediately after his performance. Meghan Rapinoe, for instance, who can be found in the video dealing with toward the flag, not DuPré, can be glimpsed in this video signing a ball for the veteran:

Some U.S. soccer players, these types of as midfielder Cari Lloyd, have also disputed this declare on social media:

The U.S. soccer team also posted a statement on Twitter:

The declare that the U.S. women’s soccer group was protesting throughout veteran DuPré’s National Anthem functionality is not correct. The players did not convert away from this veteran. They turned towards the U.S. flag. 

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