July 3, 2022

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How an EU court docket selection exposes conflicts in some strands of Islam

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THERE was a main conclusion from Europe’s top court docket past week, which will have huge significance for Muslims throughout member states.

Of course, now that the United kingdom is no lengthier part of the EU, it will not have authorized authority below.

But it does have tremendous significance for Scotland and the Uk since it highlights how Western values and some strands of Islam are in a deepening conflict.

The European Courtroom of Justice has decreed that European employers can ban employees from wearing any obvious indicator of their political, philosophical or spiritual beliefs.

This includes the hijab, which several Muslim females take into account to be an obligation of their faith.

This has created some Muslim women of all ages furious, although the ruling does condition that any ban ought to “be justified by the employer’s need to have to existing itself in a neutral method to buyers or to prevent social conflicts”.

It confirms a comparable ruling designed in 2017 that allowed companies to implement a “neutral” gown code that critics explained would disproportionately have an effect on Muslim women of all ages.

This hottest situation was brought by two German female staff, a distinctive schooling teacher and a cashier, who have been questioned by their employers not to put on headscarves at operate.

The court docket ruling helps make apparent that the ban does not represent discrimination if it is systematically utilized to all beliefs, even if some religious precepts have to have believers to have on a sure sort of dress.

Previously offended voices have been elevated to say that the prohibition of a garment these types of as a head covering could amount of money to immediate discrimination, and thus are not able to be justified.

It is been argued that it could result in some personnel becoming addressed much less favourably than others on the basis of their faith or beliefs.

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Other critics think that rules, insurance policies and techniques prohibiting spiritual gown are specific manifestations of Islamophobia. But these critics evidently really do not have an understanding of that the hijab, as an obligatory head masking, has no reference in the Quran.

The hijab has in excess of current many years develop into a symbol of Muslim id and quite a few have now arrive to think of it as an Islamic dress.

Even so, there is almost nothing in the Quran to make the hijab an compulsory head covering. In simple fact, the phrase hijab means a curtain or barrier – not a scarf or head covering of any description.

The true problem is that several Muslim females do not know what the Quran basically says, and this ignorance is their biggest weak spot.

Factually, the hijab is only a classic Center Eastern headdress that only grew to become common in the last 30 or 40 many years, when numerous ladies from other Muslim regions commenced to imitate their Arab sisters.

Some considered that donning it was stylish whilst other individuals arrived to believe that that it was a spiritual obligation to wear it, earning a thing that was cultural into a sanctified custom.

Some, likely even further, adopted the burka, which handles the complete body, such as the confront.

This is both weird and cruel because girls are currently being indoctrinated to falsely imagine that God has decreed it.

IN the 70s and 80s, for Muslim gals in Asia and Europe, there was no compulsion to put on restrictive garments – even in counties these as Pakistan.

Now, several gals, below and there, who do not dress in the hijab are derided for not becoming Muslim sufficient.

It is an challenge that the European courtroom has confronted up to, and one particular that we could possibly have to confront up at some point, due to the fact extremists feed off these types of beliefs. Extremism can be, and is becoming, driven by religious symbolism – and that is just as legitimate in Scotland as it is in Iran, Pakistan or Saudi Arabia.

The putting on of the burka and the veil are now element of that Islamic symbolism, but the Quran does not say nearly anything about the putting on of possibly. It stipulates only that ladies and gentlemen need to dress modestly.

Frankly, donning the hijab does not make you a Muslim any extra than putting on a difficult-hat tends to make you a builder.

It’s critical to recognize that the hijab, the veil or the burka are not Quranic decrees and are consequently not Islamic.

They are just cultural or vogue statements with their roots in tribal traditions from a bygone age. So, if a lady chooses to use a hijab, it need to be her option, and her selection by itself, mainly because it is not a Quranic decree and for that reason not section of Islam.

Islam is now in a hazardous place, in Scotland as elsewhere. Fuelled by radicalism, supposed symbols of spiritual faith are having on greater and larger great importance.

What is remaining lost in the march in direction of intolerance is a accurate being familiar with of the Quran, the bedrock of Islamic faith.

The Quran delivers the long term values that we all will need to reside jointly in 1 tolerant and inclusive modern society.

It is timeless, supplying a blueprint for the foreseeable future simply because all those values are on their own timeless.

But too quite a few Muslims are as a substitute looking back again to cultural or tribal traditions that really should have no location in a fashionable society.

Even if we’re no for a longer time section of the EU, we should all, Muslims and non-Muslims, nonetheless take a close interest in the European court’s judgement.

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