May 23, 2022

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Impression: The Divine Feminine | In Very good Religion

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Ahriana Platten

In the western entire world, there exists an over-arching reference to the Holy as “He.” Jesus, Muhammad, the Buddha — so several male expressions. Several can speedily title three woman faces of the Holy. Mom Mary arrives to mind — and then who?

We are significantly extra acquainted with male archetypes, quite a few of whom judge our selections and deliver outcomes appropriately. As a young woman, I was taught to compare this He-God to my father and to realize God in fatherly characteristics like protector, disciplinarian and The-One-With-Authority. The plan that my “Father” was searching more than my shoulder each individual second of my lifestyle to make certain I did the correct issue was planted in my psyche and, for rather some time, served to make me quite thoughtful about all the things I did.

As I commenced checking out exterior my religion of origin, I encountered a various encounter of the Holy — a female face whose characteristics ended up extra relatable. This “Mother God” was approachable, nurturing, intelligent and miraculous in her existence-giving skills. I changed “He” with “She” and that changed anything about my spiritual knowledge. It from time to time shocks me to understand that, in the 21st century, quite a few people — and women of all ages in unique — have not experienced God via the lens of the Divine Feminine.

Rev. Marta A. Fioriti is the pastor of Black Forest Local community Church, United Church of Christ and co-host of a podcast called Jesus Has Remaining the Constructing. She’s a wife, mom, pastor and Christian — who values the Divine Female.

Rev. Marta A. Fioriti

Rev. Marta A. Fioriti 

I study someplace that the Divine Female is the counterpart to God. That is preposterous. Alternatively, the Divine Female is the essence of God. Finding the Divine Feminine implies encouraging dismantle the dominant, masculine buildings of Christianity and developing buildings exactly where I can figure out myself. Contemporary modern society, together with the Christian religion, is dominated by Western-individualized, patriarchal society. Most of us are drenched in this norm. As a pastor, I was asked to reduce my voice for the reason that it sounded too feminine. The norm for most congregations was masculine. This made obtaining the sacred in my preaching unachievable. Masculine was great and female not excellent. Obtaining the Divine Feminine in that place was unthinkable.

It is a life’s course of action to relate to the Divine Feminine. Like most religion journeys, it usually takes time. Womanist and Feminist theologians deconstruct poisonous norms by centering feminine experiences. Wilda Gafney states the table (and all the things on it, everybody invited, no exceptions) is womanist biblical interpretation. When we deconstruct patriarchal structures and open ourselves to distinctive interpretations, we can expertise other expressions of God. For Gafney, the Female Divine reveals up in the kitchen with our mama and our mama’s mama and invites us to the table. For Divine Female, all are welcome to this table. Her desk. God’s table. All of that is good and divine. I can figure out myself in my mom and her mother and in the ritual of producing and serving meals. In these activities we can relate to all that is holy and very good, the Divine Feminine. 

Ever desired uncomplicated responses to tricky issues? Never we all?!

In Good Religion answers inquiries about spirituality, faith and the issues that issue to us as human beings. Dr. Ahriana Platten is a speaker, writer and small business consultant who retains clergy credentials in many faith traditions. Ship your inquiries to [email protected] Be part of the discussion at

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