May 24, 2022

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‘Loki’ Merch Reveals Girl Loki Might Not Be Who Admirers Feel

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In the most modern second episode (“The Variant”) of Marvel’s strike new series Loki, lovers were being at last launched to someone they experienced been waiting around to see because the sequence was introduced — a feminine model of the God of Mischief. Up until finally now, admirers expected this form of Loki to be Girl Loki, but new merchandise may reveal that she is actually a further huge character from Marvel Comics.

Credit rating: Marvel

Official Marvel products has strike the European web site Zavvi, where by buyers can acquire a helmet replica established that is made up of the two Loki and Girl Loki’s helmets. The goods goes a stage further than past item choices and confirms that Woman Loki is, in simple fact, named Sylvie. The Certification of Authenticity reads, in part:

This document certifies that these horned helmets have been influenced by the helmets worn by Loki and Sylvie in the Marvel collection: Loki. 

Loki and lady Loki Helmet Set
Credit score: Zavvi
Sylvie Loki Helmet Certificate
Credit score: Zavvi web site

Eagle-eyed viewers also pointed out that Loki had found Sylvie’s name on a sheet of paper though seeking through documents and performing study at the TVA.

Sylvie Document in Loki
Credit rating: Marvel

Whilst it may well surface that this variant of Loki may perhaps just have the name Sylvie, there could be much more to her title than satisfies the eye. Her name could indicate that Loki will introduce viewers to a further character that can be uncovered in the Marvel Comics — the Enchantress.

Sylvie Lushton The Enchantress
Credit: Marvel

There is much more than a person Enchantress in the Marvel Comics, but Loki might have introduced us to the just one established by Sylvie Lushton — a typical woman who lived in Oklahoma. In accordance to Marvel Fandom Wiki, Sylvie lived an normal lifetime till Asgard moved to Oklahoma:

Not very long right after that Sylvie woke up just one working day with magical powers. Unbeknownst to Sylvie, these powers were being supplied to her by Loki for nonetheless unidentified purposes. With her new powers, Sylvie moved to New York City to turn into a superhero and sign up for the Avengers. She selected to take on the identify and design of Amora the Enchantress, and talking in a faux Asgardian way.

Sylvie Lushton Enchantress
Credit score: Marvel

Loki viewers took to social media just after assembly Girl Loki and shared their theories as to why they feel that she is in fact Sylvie Lushton and that we may be presented that twist later in the time.

Twitter consumer Kristin Ouchi discovered appealing aspects in Woman Loki/Sylvie’s horns that may perhaps signify that she is not an genuine Loki variant:

Did anybody else observe of the horns is lacking from her crown? It appears to be melted off not chopped. Is it for the reason that she’s an imposter? Maintain asking yourself if she’s Enchantress or Woman Loki? #loki #ladyloki #enchantress #sylvie #LokiWednesdays

Geek Republic Media also pointed out that, even though Marvel was calling her Girl Loki, they did not consider that she is a Loki variant at all:

Just cannot idiot us, @Marvel and @Disney, just because she looks like Girl Loki, doesn’t suggest she is! We are contacting it, Enchantress, all the way! #Loki #enchantress #LadyLoki

It is vital to notice that Disney and Marvel have not confirmed that Lady Loki/Sylvie is the exact same Sylvie Lushton who will become the Enchantress. Marvel is not one for giving affirmation on anything at all that will involve bringing new characters in right up until they choose to, or until finally the massive expose happens. Having said that, when it will come to information like two people each related to Loki obtaining the similar title, there might be no this sort of thing as a coincidence.

It is also really worth noting that Loki’s Sylvie wears horns that are impressed by the “God of Stories” edition of Woman Loki in Marvel Comics [below]. So, it is achievable that she will be uncovered to be both the Enchantress and a model of Loki at the same time.

loki genderfluid comics
Credit score: Marvel Comics

Loki is dropping new episodes each and every Wednesday on Disney+. Episodes 1 and 2 are at present accessible to stream.

Do you consider that Woman Loki/Sylvie is basically Sylvie Lushton the Enchantress? Permit us know in the responses!

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